Lose yourself in the music.
Dive into the darkness.
Dance till death do us party.


PARTY is an immersive dance piece for unconventional spaces created by BEACHES, a collaboration between iara Solano (Basque Country, Spain) and Daniela Perez (Tocatins, Brazil).

It is performed with an audience of 10 who are “plugged in” via wireless headphones and blindfolded for much of the 35 minute performance. Each audience member is accompanied by a performer, recruited locally and trained in a two day workshop prior to the performances. The performers receive, accompany, manipulate and protect the audience throughout, creating the possibility for each spectator to decide how they experience the show, testing their own limits, without creating any kind of risk.

Alluding to pop cultural elements such as reality TV, VIP culture and international electronic hits, the performance offers a dystopic simulation of a night out that acts as a detonator for hacking the senses, provoking movement, action and emotion, in a vibrating space where the limits between reality and representation are blurred.

PARTY made its UK premiere at Flare International Festival of New Theatre in Manchester 5-8 July.

Review by Quiet Man Dave.

Available for UK bookings from summer 2017 – please contact me for more information.

BEACHES explore modes of producing fissures in the conventional formats of theatre and dance, creating site-specific immersive pieces where the figure of the performer is decentralised and displaced in order to create experiences where movement is incarnated by the spectator’s own body. Through “archaeological” investigations into the presences inherent to a particular environment, BEACHES create scenic pieces which hack the senses of the spectator by designing mechanisms that play with visual, sonic and tactile stimuli.