Is there really no such thing as bad publicity? Let’s find out…
It feels like the people who irritate us the most are the ones we all talk about, no matter how shocking they get.
So, Uncanny Theatre have decided to beat them at their own game and have a go at being famous for a change. With your help we can stir up enough mayhem on Twitter during the show to finally be a big deal, then maybe we can make things a bit better.
What goes into the most controversial show of all time is decided by you in this audacious game of attention seeking. It’s silly, topical and playful…
…until suddenly it isn’t.
Devised and performed by Matt Rogers and Nat Bellingham
Designer – Hannah Sibai
Lighting – Matt Sykes-Hooban
Producer – Sarah-Jane Watkinson


Tour dates 2018
Sunday 4 March, Slung Low’s HUB, Leeds
Tuesday 6 March, CAST, Doncaster
Friday 23 March, Camden People’s Theatre, London
Friday 6 April, Midlands Arts Centre, Birmingham
Friday 11 May, The Civic, Barnsley
Thursday 24 May, The Dukes, Lancaster


Uncanny Theatre is a Leeds based company and the creative partnership of Total Theatre Award winner Matt Rogers and comedy practitioner Natalie Bellingham. They make comedy theatre that is playfully absurd, visually arresting and gloriously low-tech. They are interested in the anomalies of everyday life and pushing literal logic to its limit, to the delight of their audiences. Their work always acknowledges its audience, creating a safe, conversational style where they are often a vital part of telling the story through various moments of interaction.

An Associate Company of Live Art Bistro Leeds, Uncanny was founded in 2010 and in that time has completed several national tours of their 3 full length theatre productions to date: Optimism, Instructions for a Better Life and You Had To Be There. They have also created bespoke, commissioned works for Yorkshire Sculpture Park, CAST and West Yorkshire Playhouse.