Working between the UK and EU post Brexit

Much of my work involves working with EU based artists and companies and I am committed to ensuring that this continues post Brexit. I’m currently researching into the processes now required for international work between the EU and the UK as part of an organisational development project supported by Arts Council England. I’ll be looking at visas, work permits, tax, ATA carnets, cabotage and all finds of other stuff you never needed to worry about when we were in the EU.

My ultimate aim is to produce a toolkit for artists and small companies who are encountering this for the first time or who have little previous experience. This will be available later this year and there will also be some online events to share the research and discuss issues for the future.

If you work internationally and you’d like to comment on what you think you need to know for working in the EU in future, please take a few moments to complete this short questionnaire.

Tax calculation spreadsheet for self employed individuals

Some years ago, I made a spreadsheet for myself so that I wouldn’t have a nasty shock when I did my tax return. I shared it with a few friends and on Twitter and it went mildly viral. It has a cashbook, travel and milage calculator and now includes sections on including PAYE income and Covid related payments eg SEISS.

This is a free to use resource and there are clear instructions on the front page on how to download it so please don’t contact me asking for permission to access it! Links to the previous and current tax years below:

Tax calculation spreadsheet 2020/21

Tax calculation spreadsheet 2021/22