A new work by Sleepwalk Collective

Sleepwalk Collective is an award winning live art and experimental theatre company creating intimate performance experiences between the UK and Spain. They make fragile, nocturnal works for theatres and other spaces, emerging from a fascination with pop culture, junk, intoxication and the mysteries and complexities of our relationships with one another. Company members iara Solano and Sammy Metcalfe are based in Vitoria-Gasteiz in the Basque Country, Spain where they are company in residence at Sala Baratza Aretoa.

Part narcoleptic beauty pageant, part dizzying tableau vivant, part psychosexual fever dream, Domestica is a self-conscious pseudo-epic in multiple panels. On a stage that might be a painting or might be a page torn from a book, three women unravel a broken, looping text on high art and impermanence, nostalgia and loneliness, spoken in a voice by turns sardonic and melancholic. With its deadpan meanderings wrapped up inside of a woozy, drawn-out hymn to lofty ideas and base desires, the show asks what we might cling to and what we might love in an ever-louder, ever-accelerating new century we seem already to be leaving.

“A head-swim of a show…this is serious experimental theatre – a piece that deserves to go down as a staple” ★★★★ Matt Trueman, What’s On Stage
“A bold and beautiful new theatre for a brave new world” Total Theatre
“A supernova of colour, smoke, light & sound” ★★★★★ To Do List
“A nightmarish riff on the Western canon that replaces centuries of blandly smiling sirens with something rather darker” Exeunt Magazine
“A kind of multimedia essay…part visual bombardment, part manifesto” ★★★★★ Plays To See
“Iʼve fallen into its trap, and I love it more the longer I spend down there” ★★★★ What’s On

Domestica follows the company’s critically acclaimed Amusements (2012) and Karaoke (2013) as the final part of Lost in the Funhouse, a loosely connected trilogy of performances about pleasure and boredom in this the adolescent decade of the 21st century.

Domestica toured the UK in 2016 and is now available for bookings in the UK and Spain.

UK tour 2016 dates: 5 – 8 October – Battersea Arts Centre, 10 October – Cambridge Junction, 14 & 15 October – HOME, Manchester, 17 October – Birmingham Repertory Theatre, 18 October – Axis Arts Centre, Crewe, 20 October – GIFT @ Northumbria University


Created by Sleepwalk Collective

Performers: Gloria March Chulvi, iara Solano Arana and Malla Sofia Pessi

Text: Sammy Metcalfe and the performers

Music: Sammy Metcalfe

Design: Ana Inés Jabares Pita

Lighting: David Alcorta and Alex Fernandes
Video: Ainara Pardal

UK Producer: Sarah Jane Watkinson

UK press and marketing: Sam Stockwell

Photography: Alessia Bombaci



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