Locus Amoenus

Locus Amoenus – ATRESBANDES theatre company

Every step we take, we are struggling to reach paradise, an idyllic place where everyday problems disappear. We dream about our vision of paradise, struggling to get a little closer. This struggle is a journey and we often forget to look at the landscape along the way.

Three strangers meet on a train, not knowing that in one hour, the train will crash and they will all die. Their attempts to connect and communicate lead to misunderstandings as they race towards their final destination.

ATRESBANDES theatre company from Barcelona have rapidly established a reputation as creators of sharp, perceptive work for international audiences. They have won numerous awards including Best Direction at Skena Up 2014 in Kosovo for Locus Amoenus and First Prize and Audience Prize at BE Festival 2012 for Solfatara.

Next UK dates:

Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2017, Summerhall, 15 – 27 August.

Locus Amoenus toured the UK in 2016 and is available for bookings in 2018.

Devised and performed by: Mònica Almirall Batet, Miquel Segovia Garrell, Albert Pérez Hidalgo

Voice recordings: Iara Solano Arana, Sammy Metcalfe

Lighting design: Alberto Rodríguez

Sound design: Joan Solé

Producers: Sarah-Jane Watkinson (UK) and Nùria Segovia Garrell (Spain)


About the piece

Locus Amoenus takes its title from a Latin term meaning “pleasant place”, characterised in literature and visual arts throughout history as a sunlit glade or meadow. The piece explores the notion of paradise through the meeting of three strangers travelling on a train. Performed mostly in English, the dialogue and action interacts with projected text, that acts both as a narrator and as a guide to the inner lives of the characters, revealing their future hopes and past disappointments. It was created in a series of residencies at mac, Birmingham, awarded when the company won both the Jury Prize at BE Festival in 2012 for Solfatara. The building at mac is surrounded by beautiful parkland and provided the company with the inspiration to create their own locus amoenus.


More about ATRESBANDES here:

Best Direction, Skena Up Festival 2014, Kosovo

Nominated for BBVA Theatre Prize, Barcelona 2015


“Meticulous … impeccably staged.” ★★★★ The Stage

“Thought-provoking, inventive and persistently funny.” British Theatre Guide

“Quirky and completely charming … very fine indeed.” Manchester Theatre Awards

“Accomplished and delightful” ★★★★ Bouquets and Brickbats

“Endearing and enjoyable” The State of the Arts

“As hauntingly beautiful as it is genuinely honest and relatable.” ★★★★★ The New Current




Locus Amoenus was created in partnership with Festival TNT – Terrassa Noves Tendències/CAET with additional support from ICEC, mac Birmingham, BE Festival, Institut Ramon Llull, CC Can Felipa, CC Navas and VESC.

One thought on “Locus Amoenus

  1. We saw Locus Amoenus at the Lowry Studio last night, arriving with absolutely no idea what we were coming to see.We often do that – we prefer seeing new and emerging artists work to the big show case events, and trawl through the Studio lists picking out things that seem interesting. Sometimes we make a mistake. We certainly didn’t with this absorbing, moving and funny drama. Riveted and smiling from the start, we empathised with all three characters on the train – the language issues, the irritating noise of someone rooting around in a bag (the use of zips was hilarious), the desire for privacy using headphones to shut out everyone and everything else, grief recurring, confusion, anger, misunderstandings. And all of this in the knowledge that they would all be dead by the end of the performance and the tension that that brought. One of the best short plays we have seen at the Lowry (and the standard is very high) leaving us drained, smiling, sad and wanting more. So glad that Atresbandes will be back at Home in April. Watching Monica slowly put on her clown make-up as the seconds visibly ticked away on the screen to the moment of the crash was unbearable and we were held silent in the beauty and awfulness of it. Thank you.

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