Nothing Happens (Twice)

Little Soldier Productions

Image credit: Pau Ros

Nothing Happens (Twice) is a journey of discovery into the real meaning of success and why we keep doing what we do, even in the face of failure. When the restrictions of the Beckett Estate prevented us from making our own version of Waiting for Godot and wrecked our plans for a sure fire route to the big time, we decided instead to use the play as a pretext to examine our motives as creators.

The show begins with two characters (coincidentally resembling Pozzo and Lucky …) who appear on stage to perform a comic routine. The performers then drop their characters to address the audience and introduce the show; an exploration of their desire for recognition and status within our industry and the reasons why they wanted to “go Beckett” to achieve this.

Funny and anarchic, honest and touching, Nothing Happens (Twice) is our most personal work to date. Making theatre is hard work, so why do we continue to put ourselves out on stage and draw on our own lives as material? And was it such a great idea to ask our own mothers if they think we’ve succeeded in life enough to make them feel proud of us?

We live in an always-on world where we are constantly bombarded with carefully curated versions of people “living their best lives”. Nothing Happens (Twice) invites you to stop for moment and join us in a tea break to think about what makes us truly happy. With hilarious slap stick contrasting with moments of stillness and confession, expect merciless send ups of theatrical icons, belting songs and some really terrible DIY.

Performers:         Mercè Ribot and Patricia Rodriguez

Director:                Ursula Martínez

Dramaturg:          Adam Brace

Producer:             Sarah-Jane Watkinson

Nothing Happens (Twice) is in development and will be touring the UK soon.