Commissioned by HOME in Manchester and Festival TNT – Terrassa Noves Tendències/CAET, Barcelona. Its first performances were at HOME as part of ¡Viva! Spanish arts festival in April 2016, followed by Summerhall at Edinburgh Fringe 2016 and had its Spanish premiere at Festival TNT on 30 September 2016.

ALL IN UK tour 2017

Monday 23rd October, mac Birmingham
Wednesday 25th October, Harrogate Theatre
Friday 27th October, Caedmon Hall, Gateshead (GIFT)
Thursday 2nd November, Lighthouse, Poole
Saturday 4th November, Gulbenkian, Canterbury
Tuesday 7th – Saturday 11th November, New Diorama Theatre, London



ALL IN takes a wild ride through vastly different, seemingly unconnected worlds, where everyday situations make unexpected turns into the absurd and intimate, where boundaries are tested, a dead dinner guest goes to a nightclub and a bearded lady bares her soul. Behind the humour and vibrant imagery lies a deeper exploration of how the tyranny of the crowd annihilates the individual. From dictatorship to national anthems, education to self-help manuals, we consider ourselves free from indoctrination, but at the same time choose to participate in other systems of apparently harmless social control.

The piece goes “all in” to explore the idea of complete totality, of saturation concealing an enormous void within. This void is akin to that of the universe, where we are surrounded by many things, but all these things are millions of miles away. It is a void closer to that inside a bare warehouse whose walls still remember the smells, shapes and memories of the thousands of objects once stored there; a void that has more in common with a nightclub packed with people on a Saturday night.

Devised and performed by: Mònica Almirall Batet, Albert Pérez Hidalgo, Miquel Segovia Garrell, Melcior Casals Castellar

Lighting and visuals:

ALL IN has been commissioned by HOME, Manchester and Festival TNT – Terrassa Noves Tendències/CAET, Barcelona in association with the Office for Cultural and Scientific Affairs of the Embassy of Spain in London. With additional support from Sala Baratza, CC Navas, Espai Maragall, Casa de las Artes, Sala Hiroshima and Lighthouse, Poole.




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